Music Album plugin for Elgg 1.8.X

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Team Webgalli
October 13, 2011
February 6, 2014
For Elgg:
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  1. User can create a Music album (playlist) with a cover art.
  2. Add MP3 files to album
  3. Play it via a beautiful flash mp3 player which has got next and previous options,resume playback etc
  4. Users will get an embed code too, using which they can embed there music albums in their webpages
  5. Users can select and play one of their latest albums in profiles as widgets and give a background music option to profiles
  6. The player will automatically detect your server’s maximum upload limit and warn users about that, if the file size exceeds.
  7. The MP3s are played in random.
  8. No need of Zaudio or files plugin for this plugin to work.
  9. Share the albums birectly in twitter,, and facebook
  10. Play the albums in a popout window, so that users can enjoy music even after they leave the page.
  11. Create a collection of favourite albums


Important note, We are releasing it as a new plugin because

  • Elgg core had a major change during its migration for 1.7.X to 1.8
  • This is note backward compatible. That means you cant upgrade music albums created in elgg1.7 to elgg 1.8
  • The plugin uses a different method of saving and processing the tracks than the classic version.
  • You can get the Elgg 1.7 compatible version of the plugin from here
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