IPA Circles

IPA Circles is an online Learning Management System (LMS) built for corporate learning. The site is built on Elgg 1.8.13 using the upcoming LMS (galliLMS) system from Team Webgalli for International Podium Alliance group Singapore.

galliLMS System

The system will allow site admin (Dean) to create virtual class rooms (Courses) and assign the ownership of classes to different staff users (Class teachers). Students can make requests to join each class rooms. Class teachers can either accept or reject these requests. If the requests are accepted the user become a member of that classroom. Teachers can create lessons for the students and can assign the access of the lessons to students of that class room alone or to public. Each class rooms have discussion forums, photo albums, Event management, Bookmark useful resources, Class room blogs etc.. Staff and students of each class room can be further divided it sub sections like (Speakers, Moderators, Science Teachers, Subject Teachers etc..) and contents can be created based on these sub access levels also. The Dean / Class teacher can place each student / teachers in appropriate sub-categories. 

Technologies used

Elgg 1.8.13, galliLMS, php, mySQL

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