Konnect Me

KonnectMe has built a highly scalable and secure social networking model that can be instantly adaptable to any non profit needs. Users are provided with an easy platform to register and find NPO’s that they would like to donate to; they are then given a means to pay through secure trusted payment mediums, such as PayPal. KonnectMe does not interfere in the financial transaction between the donor and non-profit organization; it merely provides a flexible climate for donors to contribute to their chosen cause.

The platform will allow users to list events and causes and will also allow them to sell tickets, collect the event registration details, make donation for causes. This is the first crowd funding platform based on Elgg social networking engine. 

Works done : Full site development from scratch including design, causes system, events system etc.

Technologies used : Elgg 1.8.14, php, mySQL, jQuery, Paypal

Portfolio : CheenaChatti


Our clients speaks for us

Mr. Brad Vaughan