ZapRad is launched as the first fully integrated business social portal for the Medical Imaging Marketplace. The platform technology is to build the business processes from source of medical imaging, to the completion of reports, and distribution to physicians and patients.

Development includes : Custom site design and implementation, functionality development like social share, transactions and other features.

Featured works : One of the important plugin we developed for ZapRad is the Transaction plugin. With this plugin for every action like adding a video, creating a blog post etc some fixed credits are deducted from users account. Only if the users has got credits, they can create new contents in site. Users can transfer credits from one user to another and for this a site transaction fee in terms of credits are applicable. Users can recharge their credits only through PayPal. This will provide a revenue for the site. Another development was the social share module for Elgg like Digg, google plus etc.. which is an extension of the bookmark plugins. 

Technologies used : Elgg 1.8.8, jQuery, Ajax, php, mySQL

Portfolio : IPA Circles

IPA Circles

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