Mobile Development

Team Webgalli is a proud participant of the latest trends in business and consumer-centric mobile applications. After deploying different mobile platforms, we are now a specialist mobile application development company offering full-spectrum, end-to end services across diverse categories such as business, utilities, entertainment and gaming amongst various others. We offer custom mobile application development on mobile operating platforms like iOS, iPad, Android, Blackberry etc..

iPhone / iPad applications


An innovative iPhone application can make your company bigger, faster, and a dynamic one that has the ultimate potential to satisfy all its customer's demands. In such an environment, you need the best of technology and the best guidance to help you design your iPhone applications. Read more..

Android Applications


Though a relative newcomer in the smartphone market, Android has already gained an overwhelming popularity and is continually having its market share grow at a tremendous rate. Read more..

Blackberry Applications


BlackBerry's entrepreneurial reach and adoption have been growing day by day. Every business, be it banking and investment mobility, securities wireless solutions, FMCG, manufacturing industry, needs day to day process to pitch on the field. And any business can solve the pitching issues by using business applications of BlackBerry to leverage new age marketing and productivity. Read more..

Crossplatform Applications


With a wide range of mobile devices having thier own Os, Browsers etc.. its hard to develop mobile apps for each devices. Inorder to overcome this hinderence we use the of PhoneGap platform which is an Adobe product that helps in creating cross platform compatible mobile applications. Read more..

Mobile webs


With 75 million Americans accessing the Web from mobile phones, your business can't afford not to provide customers with a seamless browsing experience. The good news is that developing a mobile website - at least a basic one - isn't as time-consuming or expensive as one might think. Read more..

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