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With 75 million Americans accessing the Web from mobile phones, your business can't afford not to provide customers with a seamless browsing experience. The good news is that developing a mobile website - at least a basic one - isn't as time-consuming or expensive as one might think. The capability of mobile browsers vary and a typical mobile browser may not render Flash or execute client-side scripts. The result being a compromised user experience for the mobile user. Rather than displaying the desktop version of your site, the right strategy is to create a lightweight version that will display correctly in majority of mobile devices.

mobile website development Here are a the best advices for a good mobile website :

  • Keep the site simple.
  • Avoid or minimize the usage of images.
  • Provide enough whitespace to reduce clutter.
  • Keep important information "above the fold".
  • Move links and menus to the bottom.
  • Avoid usage of Flash, JavaScript.
  • Keep page sizes small - users may have to pay more for mobile bandwidth. This also has the added advantage of faster loading over a slower mobile connection.
  • Prioritize your contents - display only content that's relevant to the mobile user.
  • Find a balance between the number of clicks the user has to perform to get to a specific page and the number of links on a single page.

We take all the above aspects into consideration while development of a mobile website so that the site or application is both usable and useful for those on the move. And we try our best to deliver sites that work across the maximum number of devices and browsers.

Don't know where to start? Get in touch with us today and we will help you to have the right mobile identity for your business.

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