Adobe Air and Flex

Adobe Air / Flex is a complete and powerful Adobe flex developer logo application framework for creating and developing cross-platform Rich Internet Applications (RIAs). It is released as an open-source and developer-friendly platform from Adobe, which empowers the developers to create highly interactive and expressive applications. Using the same programming model, the same tool, and the same code base, it enables programmers and designers to build mobile applications for Android, iOS, and BlackBerry Tablet OS, as well as traditional applications for the browser and the desktop.

Adobe Air / Flex Developers at Team Webgalli are highly proficient in delivering Flex Solutions worldwide. Our Programmers have professionally accomplished a number of offshore software development projects. Our core expertises are in creating highly intuitive, interactive and expressive web and desktop applications.

  • With Adobe Flex developers can quickly and easily build RIAs that deploy on all major browsers and operating systems.
  • Flex apps are flexible, efficient and user-friendly.
  • More and better functionality can be developed with minimum coding, and consequently lesser time.
  • Advantage of reuse of Modules and Components.
  • Cross-platform compatibility of this framework has made it a favored choice for our developers who want to deliver interactive and effective applications.

Case study #1


elggDesk Application: A desktop notification plugin for Elgg (1.8 sites only) built on Adobe Air technology. The application is having a lot of features including, notifying the users about their pending friend requests, new river updates from their friends, new unread mails etc.. More details about this elggDesk application can be read from here.

Get in touch with us if you want to develop more than just a pretty interface.We can help you build an interface that is not only visually appealing but also one that engages users with highly interactive experiences.

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