Elgg features

Elgg is an open source social networking engine,Elgg which has been designed from the ground up to be social. It comes with a comprehensive range of tools that enable you to connect, share and collaborate both within your organization and externally. With all basic features and much more, Elgg makes a powerful social hub for your organization. Elgg is highly configurable, customizable and scalable in terms of functionality and aesthetics.


Activities: Elgg gives the user the possibility of watching users' activities on the network. It's possible to filter this data by 'My last activity' and 'My friends last activity' where, by default, all activities on the site are shown. The user will only see the activity that has the appropriate permissions to allow its visualization.


Profiles: are a great way to expand your personal network, foster teamwork and build relationships. Elgg's Profile feature can be extended or tailored to suit your audience, enabling users to establish new contacts with people who have specific knowledge or strategic business relationships.


The groups:feature provides a great way for people who share a common interest to collaborate by exchanging and sharing information and documents with one another. It enables users to easily set up public or private groups and get working together around specific topics or interests.


The wire: Elgg enables you to hold microblogging-style conversations with your colleagues, or simply publish concise, targeted messages to your audience. If you're a Twitter or facebook user, you can keep your followers up to date by automatically updating Twitter or facebook whenever you post, or pull in your tweets to share with users inside Elgg.


Blogs: Elgg allows users to create blog content, which can be labeled, commented, embed videos and photos. You can have Archives, drafts , group blogs and categories too for Elgg blogs.


Embed media: this allows users to embed videos, images, audio and files to blogs, sites and comments, among other elements.


Photos and Videos: this allows users to Upload photos, watermark it, rate photos and even tag their friends in photos. The video plugin will allow to upload videos or Embed videos from other video hosting sites like Youtube.


Internal Messaging: Users can send and receive private messages to previously befriended users. Message board widgets in the profile will allow a user to leave a message on the profile of another user and everyone who comes to his or her profile can read it.


Bookmarks: Bookmark anything you see in the webworld in your elgg site and share with your friends. Just like digg function.


Forums: this allows users to discuss about anything what matters to them with other members.


Notifications: it's possible for any user to have updated info about activites on the network through configurable notifications by private messages, email or with instant ajax notifications.


Administration: our network comes with an intuitive Administration Panel, which gives you control over the features available to users as well as the overall look and feel of the site. You also retain full control over who gets to access the site as well as view the content.


Additional Features
Pages : Unlike blogs, pages can hold nested content, similarly to a book.
Dashboard :Each user has access to a page where to watch the social network activity.
Friends : Users can become friends with other users. This will enable some special features such as sending private messages and allowing the user to view unavailable content for another users.
Events : Users can create events and share with their friends.
Miscellaneous : RESTapi, RSS Feeds etc
And many community contributed addons

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