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ASP.Net is the latest programming framework developed by Microsoft, and its biggest advantage is that it helps in development of powerful web applications. Basically, ASP.NET makes use of the .NET framework as an infrastructure that in turn is based on a combination of technologies that already exist with internal components.

Keeping in mind the popularity and relevance of its particular application, Team Webgalli offers you many facilities connected to it. From designing and programming using .NET, to developing and supporting existing applications in it, our experience makes us competent enough to fulfill all such requirements that may arise for our esteemed clients. One of the greatest advantages of having a compiled asp code like ASP.NET is that the concerned applications in it are, or rather become, capable of running faster. Due to this many errors connected to the design state that would otherwise escape become trapped and nullified at this initial developmental stage itself and are not allowed to go any further to cause unnecessary complications. In addition to this there is also the possibility of making user-interfaces richer and templates that are in common use become more easily allowable.

ASP.NET ships with an AJAX library, which provides a richer and more responsive user interface to the end-users. AJAX features can be added to web forms applications using ASP.NET AJAX, which is compatible with all popular browsers. Use of AJAX can result in improved efficiencies as a significant part of page processing can be performed in the browser. A rich array of controls is available as part of ASP.NET AJAX Control Toolkit, which is an open-source project built on top of the ASP.NET AJAX framework. Another AJAX library available with Visual Studio is jQuery - it can be used to create client-side interactivity without using server controls.

If you are looking to create rich, interactive applications or services with ASP.NET, Team Webgalli is company to go to.We can help you choose between ASP.NET web forms and MVC and between ASP.NET AJAX and jQuery. And we have experience with C#, managed C++ and VB.NET.

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